Insanely busy

My life has been chaotic lately.  I just got hired at the YMCA, which is great.  My other part-time job has been sending me lots of work to do from home, which is also great.  I did my first craft show on Sunday.  And the social calendar hasn’t been slow either.  All of these things are wonderful, but when it happens all in one week, it’s a mite stressful.  Prior to all this, things were pretty laid back.  I had a good 3.5 weeks go by where I didn’t get any work from my at-home job, so I was able to take the kids outside to play, do the housework at a relaxed pace, and even do some fun projects for Emily’s upcoming birthday party.  I did spend some of this time preparing for my craft show as well, but I guess I should have spent a bit more of that time on it.  The week I got hired at the Y, my other job decided they had lot of things I could help out with.  First it was just one project.  Then they threw in some things that needed to be done right away, so first project got postponed.  Then another project, postponing the first yet again.  Then a deadline from first project, then another new one.  It got overwhelming fast.  I usually only fit 2-3 hours of work into my day, while the boys are napping, so there’s only so much I can get done in that time.  Thankfully one of the projects got passed on to someone else, lightening both the load and the confusion in my priorities.  On top of that, I had two meetings and a training session at the Y, which added up to another 5 hours of work.  So, I fell behind on all the housework, and I had a craft show coming up which I wasn’t ready for.  Friday I had a friend over for a few hours, which was a welcome break.  But after she left, I had several emails from work asking if I could get something done for Monday.  After an exhausting week, I not only still had to get ready for the craft show, I also had to find time to work.  AND, Friday was my daughter’s birthday so we took her out to dinner and Build-a-Bear workshop (where she made a T-Rex, dressed in a shiny gold top and embroidered jeans!).  I spent my entire day Saturday both catching up on housework and working on my craft show display and sale items.  Got about 5 hrs. of sleep Saturday night and then worked at the craft show from 9am to 6:30pm (including set-up and take-down).  Turns out I didn’t need to spend so much time making greeting cards as I didn’t sell a single one.  Oh well, I guess now I have a stash for when I need to send a card.  I did think ahead and bring my work with me, so when it was slow I got some of my work done and then only had about another hour’s worth to finish after I got home and got the kids to bed.  Today, I was so zonked, I overslept.  Of course the kids decided to sleep in today.  Normally they wake up around 7:30-8:00.  Today, I woke up before them at 8:50 and needed to be at Emily’s dr. appointment at 10:00.  I had less than an hour to get myself and three kids out the door.  I went into crazy mode and managed to get us out the door at 9:55, making us only 7 minutes late for our appointment, after some rather speedy driving.  After the dr. appointment, post office, Walgreens, and the bank, I had work waiting for me for this afternoon and multiple emails from the Y.  I worked about 2.5 hrs today, which was more than enough for me.  The emails from the Y added to next week’s insanity.  Thursday Sept. 4th has become a popular day.  I have my regularly scheduled GBAMOM meeting, which I will have to miss and I’m so sad because it’s the open house.  We have a parents’ meeting for Emily’s preschool.  I have a staff meeting at the Y, which I will have to miss because that is also new swim instructor training night from 6-10pm!  Soooo, Brian will have to go to the parents’ meeting, I have to go to swim training and we need a sitter for the kids on a week night at the beginning of the school year.  Yeah.  Like that’s gonna work.  So, I pretty much spent the afternoon stressing out about that.  I am very much looking forward to tomorrow.  Tomorrow I don’t have to go anywhere.  Well, except maybe to make my CVS run after the kids go to bed (wanted to do that tonight, but other things got in the way!).  It never ends!  I’m really starting to wonder how I’m going to survive our new schedule coming in a couple weeks, when I have to take Emily to preschool 3x/week and swim lessons 1x, work at the Y 2x/week, and still find time to work from home and keep up with the house.  It’s going to be a challenge.  I just hope I’m up to it!!


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  1. Eeep! Hang in there, Erica!

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