Bat visit

A few nights ago, I ran out to the store at the kids’ bedtime.  Brian put the boys to bed and let Emily fall asleep on the couch.  After I got back and we’d both had our fill of facebook for the night, Brian carried Emily off to bed and I went into the living room to make sure things were turned off and also close the patio door which had been left open to cool off the house.  I shut the door, turned around and saw a shadow swoop over my head.  I immediately screamed and yelled, “I think there’s a bat in here!”  This, of course, woke Emily as she was being carried to bed and Brian yelled back at me for scaring her.  Well, it scared me!  The bat then proceeded to fly back and forth across the living room, diving at my head.  I’m ducking, screeching, waiting to be rescued… finally Brian gets back to the living room and turns a light on for me.  I ran out of the living room once I could see my attacker.  Brian went to the garage to muster up the best bat catching system he could find… a tennis racket and an umbrella.  I have to admit, it was pretty darn funny watching him try to swing at that bat.  It was flying wildly across the room, always just out of Brian’s reach, putting its sonar to good use.  I stepped back in the room for a moment and of course it dove at my head again.  That thing liked me!  After that it decided it was safer perched up by the windows on the tall side of the room (we have a peaked roof in there).  Now Brian needed something to throw at the bat to make it fly again so he could try hitting it some more.  He didn’t want to risk breaking anything, so the item of choice ended up being a balled up diaper.  So, now he’s throwing a diaper at the bat to make it move, then still not being able to hit it when it would fly around.  I decided to go down the hall and shut all the bedroom doors in case our little friend decided to do some exploring.  As I made my way back toward the battle, I heard the bat squeak.  Brian had succeeded in stunning his foe.  The bat had decided to fly into the computer room where there is a lower ceiling, so when it flew back out, Brian was able to smack it with the racket, scoop it up and take it out to the deck where it promptly flew away.  My hero!  I have no idea how or why that bat got in.  The screen on our patio door is pretty beat up though, so I guess it could have squeezed through on one side.  It was pretty tiny.  Didn’t seem tiny when it was diving at my head in the dark though!  I hope it doesn’t visit again.


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  1. All hail Brian, the Mighty Bat Remover!

    We used to have bats when I worked at the PR House. I think they got in through the fireplace. A few times we ended up calling the Biology dept asking if they had bat-removal suggestions. Then once maintenance sent a girl over to catch a bat. Poor thing was so afraid! We finally netted it and sat around until the “brave” men from maintenance showed up and took it away…

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