Coupons and the drugstore game

If you haven’t heard of this, you are missing out my friends.  At my last GBAMOM meeting, I learned all about how to play the drugstore game.  I tried it out this week and I am officially hooked!  If you want to learn more about it, check out my links for GBsavers and MoneySavingMom.  I got a ton of stuff at CVS this week for very little $$ out of pocket.  Just an example, in one trip I bought $11 worth of candy for $1.28 and got $5 to spend on my next trip.  I also got started clipping coupons, which I haven’t done since helping my mom clip them when I was a kid.  Boy, have I been missing out!  On my first trip to the grocery store using coupons, I saved 12%.  My best deal was getting three boxes of GM cereal for under $3 by doubling up a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon.  Why haven’t I been doing this all along?  I’m actually excited that tomorrow is Sunday.  I can’t wait to go pick up my newspapers and see what kind of deals I can get!!!



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2 responses to “Coupons and the drugstore game

  1. How do you have time to do all this with three little ones is beyond me. But I am very, very jealous 🙂

    (I have tried subscribing to the Sunday paper specifically so I could clip coupons. Total number of coupons clipped out: 0. *hangs head in shame*)

  2. Erica

    Well, it helps that I don’t work full time. So, it just takes away a bit of my TV/computer time at night. 🙂

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