Sam, the word man

Sam has had a bit of a vocabulary explosion recently.  Initially I thought Josh would be the big talker, since he started a bit sooner and said more words in the beginning.  But now Sam is the one spitting out new words almost daily.  He has begun pointing to things and naming them as well as repeating words when I read to him.  He really loves his books right now as well.  Every night, Brian or I will read the boys a story before bed and Sam will not go to sleep unless I give him a book in his bed.  He brings books to me periodically throughout the day, asking me to read them over and over.  He is never satisfied when a book is finished.  He always wants “mo” and often wants me to read the same book twice.  I initially labeled Sam as the strong, silent type, but it looks like I got it wrong.  We’ll see where he goes from here.


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