Singing Sons

The boys have recently taken an interest in music.  Sam was the first to start “requesting” songs.  He would try to imitate the hand gestures for Itsy Bitsy Spider and sing a couple notes to let me know he wanted me to sing it.  He also figured out he could do a few notes from the alphabet song, making noises that sounded a bit like “A, B, C” to get me to sing that one as well.  Now Josh has joined in by requesting Baa Baa Black Sheep.  He sings “baa, baa, baa, baa” to the tune of the first few notes of the song.  Seems I have some musical kids on my hands.  Sam also loves to dance.  He and Emily will have dance parties in her bedroom.  Emily will turn on her Pinkie Pie (robot My Little Pony that moves and sings obnoxious songs) and the two of them will dance all over the room.  Sam’s dancing mainly consists of spinning around but he also has a couple other moves.  One involves walking with one foot flat and the other on tip-toe.  Another is sort of a slow bounce where he’ll crouch down and stand up repeatedly while walking around the room.  So cute and so fun to watch.  Sam’s singing of Itsy Bitsy Spider has gotten to the point of sounding like “Ih, Bih, Ida”, which I think is pretty impressive at this point.  Emily loves to sing as well, and has on several occasions “cheered up” her brothers by singing songs at the dinner table when they get cranky.  I’ve always loved music, so to have three kids show interest as well is so exciting to me.  We’ll see when they’re older if there’s any interest in playing instruments.  Maybe by then, mom will have had time to start playing viola again… maybe.


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