First kisses and a clean room

Last night I got my first real kisses from the boys.  It was so cute.  Sam has been giving me air kisses for a couple weeks where he’ll pucker and smack his lips from across the room.  But last night, he actually came up to me and kissed me on the cheeks and lips.  So sweet.  After seeing Sam give a bunch of kisses, Josh decided he should give it a try as well.  I’ll have to hang on to those kisses for when they’re older and won’t come near me for fear of embarrassment.  The kissing lasted quite a while… Sam ended up kissing Josh on the butt at one point, and then Josh was kissing Sam’s face later on.  If they were older I might discourage this type of behavior, but at 18 months it is so darn cute!!

This morning when I was giving the boys a bath, I asked Em to start cleaning her room.  It was still messy from playing with her cousins over the weekend.  I asked her to just start with putting away her dress-up and babydoll things.  She usually won’t clean up unless I’m helping her, so if I’m unavailable, I try to just give her a couple specific things to start out with and make it less overwhelming.  She has never cleaned her room herself.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into her bedroom and found it completely clean!!  Save for one bucket that she had filled with a few random items, she had put everything away in the right place.  I praised her like crazy and wanted to smother her with hugs and kisses.  I guess this is just another sign that my baby girl is growing up.  Well done Em!!


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