I mixed ’em up

Either my brain took a mini vacation as I was getting the kids ready for dinner, or my boys have the ability to teleport and trade places.  I called the kids into the kitchen once I had all their plates made up, saw the boys toddle in and head straight for the dog dish I had just filled.  I grabbed “Josh” and put him in his highchair, buckled, bibbed, and attached his tray.  Meanwhile, I was yelling at “Sam” to stop playing with the dog food.  Soon as I was done with “Josh”, I grabbed “Sam” away from the dog dish and got him ready to eat as well.  I served Emily her food.  I then got the boys’ things and served them.  Went and got my food, sat down to eat, looked at the boys and realized that Josh was sitting in Sam’s chair and Sam was in Josh’s chair.  Throughout the entire process of getting the boys ready for dinner, I did not once question which boy I was dealing with.  I “knew” who I was holding, talking to, etc.  Yet, somehow, at the end of it all, they were switched in their seats.  My boys are not identical, but there are times when they look an awful lot alike.  And they are dressed in the same clothes today, and Sam’s hair is missing it’s telltale peacock feather look today.  So, I guess I could have mixed them up easily enough, since I was more focused on getting dinner ready, than really looking at them.  But, I can honestly say, this is the longest period of time I have ever mixed them up.  My mixups usually last only seconds.  A quick double-take will usually set me straight.  But there was no doubt in my mind to make me do a double-take this time.  Either momnesia is kicking in big time, or my boys have superpowers.  What do you think?


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