Runaway Sam

Today was Parents’ Day for Emily’s swim class at the YMCA.  So, I was able to go swimming with her, see what she’s learned, and go down the spiral waterslide.  Overall, a fun half hour bonding with Emily.  That meant I had to make use of the Y’s drop-in babysitting for the boys.  This was only their second time there, and both times they were not happy about it.  They’re not used to being without mom, so they both cried for a bit before deciding to play.  When I went back to pick them up, Josh started crying again, overwhelmed that mom had indeed returned.  As I was signing the boys out, I asked about bringing the kids back tonight when I have my last pilates class.  Usually Brian is home to watch them, but he has a work outing tonight.  During the discussion, someone opened the door, leaving Sam and Emily to wander out.  Before I knew it, Sam had toddled through the two sets of doors to the outside, thanks to people using the accessible power doors that stay open for a while.  Emily stood there, yelling that “Josh” was getting out.  Josh wandered out the first door as I went running after Sam.  Thankfully Em’s swim teacher happened to be in the lobby and yelled that she’d watch Josh as I ran outside to catch Sam, just before he reached the parking lot!  The boys are at that wonderful age where they love their newfound freedom in being able to walk, but don’t realize yet that they need to stay close to mom and dad.  And they hate holding hands.  Hence, why they are usually confined to the stroller whenever we take them somewhere.  Not sure I want to repeat that whole scenario tonight, but I really don’t want to miss my last pilates class either.  We’ll see what happens.


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