On Thursday I decided to take the kids to the portrait studio to have age-update pics taken of the boys (just turned 18 months) and shots of the kids for a nice father’s day gift for my hubby.  In theory, this was a great idea.  In reality, someone should have tied me to a wall to prevent me from even attempting this feat.  I foolishly thought that the boys might cooperate with the picture taking, as being in an unfamiliar environment might bring out the shyness.  I was wrong.  Sam would not keep still for more than .002 seconds, making it impossible for the photographer to capture a shot of him.  Joshua at first would keep still, but would only make a pathetic somber expression, not suitable for picture taking.  Em would occasionally follow direction when asked to sit or stand on “the red dot” but often ran into frame when we were attempting to get shots of the boys alone.  I guess she was trying to help control the boys, which I was obviously failing at.  The photographer politely suggested that next time I bring dad or a grandparent to help.  Duh!  Problem is, all of these people either work during the day or live 2 hours away.  Plus, I didn’t want to bring my hubby along, since I was hoping to take a nice pic to give him as a gift.  And, our weekends feel so short these days, I didn’t want to schedule it on a Saturday.  The photographer sucked as well, in my opinion.  These people spend all day trying to get kids to pose and smile, you’d think she’d have more tricks up her sleeve than saying, “boogah, boogah”.  She didn’t even bother trying props, which they had a wall full of behind a curtain in the room.  After much frustration and baby-wrangling, she finally got some smiles out of them by tickling them and quickly backing away to snap a shot. 

The boys did one cute (although frustrating) thing during the madness.  We kept trying to sit them on a little stool individually.  Most of the time they’d sit for said .002 seconds and run away, but when they would stay on the stool, they’d push backward with their feet and slide it across the floor.  Like driving one of their ride-on cars in reverse.  It was funny, and they were smiling, but it was impossible to take a picture because they were moving too fast.  It became an endless cycle of position stool, place child on stool, attempt to make child smile, child scoots stool backwards, photographer sits there useless, I grab child, reposition stool, cycle begins again.  Yeah, that was fun.  Somehow, we managed to get a handful of good pictures.  I hope it goes much better next time…



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2 responses to “Portraits

  1. I totally feel for you. I had a lot of trouble getting a good picture of Alex at 18 mo. and I only had 1 child to deal with. I can’t imagine wrangling 3.

    But I have to warn you, it was worse at age 2. We got eactly 1 shot of him, out of about 10, with a smile on his face. And he looks like he’s about to take off running! But I hope you give it another try, hopefully with some help next time. It’s worth it to have those pictures.s

  2. And that’s why I don’t even attempt to take my children anywhere in public. Flying to and from Russia does not count 🙂

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